About Us

Andie Dunne BCS

Dressing is something we all do everyday, so let me turn it into a wonderful opportunity for you to enhance your natural beauty with colour and express your unique personality with styles that flatter your figure.

My journey began from a young age when I designed my own clothes and through this I learnt the art of optical illusion.  A woman’s body changes three or four times in her lifetime and we may need to re-evaluate the styles we choose. As a mother of four I am not only familiar with these changes but am very aware of the importance of your own self image. Coming from an IT background, I take you through the steps in a logical straight forward manner.

Being a Personal Wardrobe Consultant is about helping people look and feel fabulous and this is why I love it so much. This is the most rewarding and fulfilling career, as the results for our clients are life changing.

Anita McGonigle

Working as a style consultant is an amazing job. It combines my two main passions which are clothes and people. I am at my most comfortable when I’m working with people. I enjoy doing volunteer work and being a member of the school committee.
I want to share my love of colour with everyone and I want to help people feel good about themselves.
I love that my sessions can bring so many compliments to people’s lives…and let’s face it compliments make us feel on top of the world and who doesn’t want to feel like that.