Thank you for your time (and patience) at my shopping consultation Andie, I’m amazed at your skill for picking just the right type of garments for me to try on. It was wonderful to try on all these clothes without any of the usual “frustration” moments which actually had led to me giving up on going shopping for myself (!)
Eike, IT Consultant/Director, Wellington City

“What a fun experience it was to have Andie do my Colours and Style. I really thought I knew my colours, but was amazed how some just didn’t look good on me. Having never worn the colour teal before I was surprised how it suited me. I have had a ball pulling my clothing from the wardrobe and layering outfits and finding different styles.” 
Sue Simpson, Artist

“My consultation with Andie was fantastic, fun and informative; I can now walk into a shop and know what is going to work for me and what isn’t – no more buying things that end up sitting at the back of the wardrobe for years. Andie took the time to explain how and why different colours work well on different people and gave me loads of useful tips for getting the best out of my wardrobe.” 
Kate Manson, TV Production Manager, Mount Victoria

“I thought the whole evening was excellent and informative. I’m having lots of fun rediscovering things in my wardrobe. Haven’t gone shopping yet, but have the confidence that when I do, I’m going to be making the right decisions” 
Jo Lochery, Churton Park

“I have never had so much confidence about walking into a shop! I actually want to go shopping now, thank you Andie!”

Tess Martin, Christchurch

”Since my consultation with Anita, it’s unbelievable how my friends now compliment me on how I look …And the most surprising thing is that I actually look forward to getting up in the morning and getting dressed into clothes that make me feel and look great, rather than rummaging around finding ‘that old sweater’.. again!”
Kim Dunne, Churton Park

“Andie was great. Shortly after inviting her into my home, I felt like I’d known her all my life. Having my colours done was amazing. Andie showed me how to look youthful and alive, despite my newborn keeping me awake most nights. I loved the whole experience and after giving birth to my fourth child I finally feel like ‘me’ again. Thanks Andie”. Gemma, Hataitai

“I was impressed with the service you provided and thought you were very professional in your approach – it’s not an easy thing to do telling other people where they may be going wrong in terms of colour…..but you were gentle and kind with your suggestions.  Thank you again Andie for your excellent service and I will recommend your service to others.”
Lou Nicoll

“I found Anita’s approach professional, honest and highly valuable. I have had my confidence in shopping for myself, by myself, restored; knowing that those impulse buys will not be a waste of time and money thanks to Anita’s advice and expertise on dressing for my body shape using colours and styles she recommends”. 
Kristen Sheppard, Broadmeadows

“I found your service very helpful and extremely informative Andie.  It was certainly value for money and it helped me consolidate my thoughts and ideas.”
Lee Shepherd

“I thought you were both really knowledgeable and genuinely interested in helping me, and that the session was well structured but still felt relaxed.”
Jamie Tong

“I loved the session with you Andie.  The session was just what I had hoped for and has altered my way of thinking about what to wear, colours etc since. In all, it was a real boost, thank you.”
Karen Brown

“Thanks for everything Andie – its been a great investment and I will certainly be recommending you to anyone I know that is interested in having their colours, styles and wardrobe done.”
Emma Johnson

“I learnt so much from you and you made the rules simple to remember.  My hairdresser thought I had had “work done” on my face, she had to do a double take and said I looked 10 years younger. And my friends kept telling me how glowing I look. You were absolutely lovely to work with – Thank you so much.”
Catherine Hart

“Obviously getting the ‘colours done’ was the main objective, but to be honest, there is no way I could have swept through my wardrobe the way you did and could identify immediately if a colour was right or wrong, I would have been there for hours with my little colour palette, and probably not been nearly as ruthless.  Thank-you so very much for all your advice Andie!  I really enjoyed it!  I can totally skip past any ‘wrong’ colours on a rack that I may once have contemplated!  Its actually quite empowering!  I am not scared of colour now.  You have a lovely calming manner, immediately made me feel at ease, you weren’t critical or judgmental, but full of advice and simply knew your stuff.”
Laura Kennedy

“I thought that it was a fantastic sevrice, I wasn’t expecting to get so much useful advice regarding jewellery and clothing too so that was great.”
Elise Clifton

“I really enjoyed the experience, you were professional and helpful, I really appreciated and trusted your opinion.”
Lisa Lovegrove

“I found you both professional, friendly and approachable and would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone interested.”
Margaret Kelly