Rejuvenate Yourself

$200 (2 hours)

  • Want to get the most out of the wardrobe you currently have?
  • Let a Colour with Style consultant mix and match your wardrobe & give it a real good workout. You will be surprised to see how many fabulous combinations can be created from your current wardrobe
  • Let us plan your weekend outfits, work outfits, and evening outfits so as to make it easier for you to dress for all occasions
  • Learn how to add that ‘wow factor’ by incorporating accessories into your outfits
  • Which necklace goes with what jacket?  Which pair of trousers can be co-ordinated to produce different outfits?
  • We can take photos of the various ensembles we create so you have an easy reference to look at each  morning when dressing
  • Maybe you are interested in exploring your style personality in  more depth via our questionnaire where you will discover exactly what story you want to tell in how you dress.  We offer advice on how to tweak your image so you feel ‘authentically YOU’
  • Your lifestyle is also forever changing and we can assess whether your wardrobe still matches your lifestyle and if not make practical recommendations in a shopping list
  • A refresher session like this could be all you need to leave you inspired and feeling fabulous again! plus it is just so great to have this opportunity to see you and help you again, this is what we love doing !!

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